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A Tongue Twister from our database of over 2,000 - some famous - some not so famous.

Tongue Twisters - 6

Seth at Sainsbury's

Seven sleazy shysters

Seven slick and sexy sealskin ski suits

Seven slick slimey snakes

She is a thistle-sifter

She said she should sit

She saw Sherif's shoes on the sofa

She sees cheese Cheese she sees

She sees seas slapping shores

She sells sea shells by the sea shore

She sifted thistles

She sits in her slip and sips Schlitz

She slits the sheet she sits on

She stood by Burgess's fish sauce shop

She stood on the balcony

She was a thistle sifter

Sheena leads Sheila needs

Shelter for six sick scenic sightseers

Shoe section shoe selection

Shredded Swiss cheese

Shut up the shutters and sit in the shop

Shy Shelly

Shy Shelly says she shall sew sheets

Silly Sally swiftly shooed seven silly sheep

Silly sheep weep and sleep

Sinful Caesar sipped his snifter

Singing Sammy

Sister Suzie sewing shirts for soldiers

Six sharp smart sharks

Six shimmering sharks

Six shimmering sharks sharply striking shins

Six shining cities

Six short slow shepherds

Six sick hicks

Six sick sea-serpents swam the seven seas

Six sick slick slim sycamore saplings

Six sleek swans

Six slimy snails sailed silently

Six slippery snails slid slowly seaward

Six sticky sucker sticks

Six thick thistle sticks

Six twin screwed steel steam cruisers

Slick slim slippers sliding south

Sly Sam slurps Sally's soup - 1

Sly Sam slurps Sally's soup - 2

Smile Argyle Gargoyle smile in a while

Snap Crackel pop

So this is the new sushi chef?

Something in a thirty-acre thermal thicket

Sounding by sound

Steam cruisers

Strange strategic statistics

Strict strong stringy Stephen

Stupid superstition


Suddenly swerving seven small swans

Sun shine

Sunshine city

Supposed to be pistachio

Sure the ship's shipshape sir

Sure sir the ship's sure

Surely Sylvia swims

Susan shineth shoes and socks

Suzie Seaword's fish-sauce shop

Suzie Suzie working in a shoeshine shop

Swan swam over the sea

Sweater weather leather weather

Sweet sagacious Sally Sanders

Switch watch wrist watch

Sycamore saplings

Terry Teeter a teeter-totter teacher

Thank the other three brothers

That bloke's back bike brake-block broke

That sphinx

The batter with the butter is the batter that is better!

The big black bug bit the big black bear

The big black bug's blood ran blue

The blue bluebird blinks - 1

The blue bluebird blinks - 2

The bootblack bought the black boot back

The bottle of perfume that Willy sent

The cat crept into the crypt

The crow flew over the river

The epitome of femininity

The great Greek grape growers

The king would sing

The Leith police dismisseth us

The little red lorry went down Limuru road

The minx mixed a medicinal mixture

The myth of Miss Muffet

The ochre ogre ogled the poker

The owner of the inside inn

The queen in green screamed

The ruddy widow really wants ripe watermelon

The sawingest saw I ever saw saw

The seething seas ceaseth

The sinking steamer sank

The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick

The Smothers brothers

The soldiers should have shooters

The soldier's shoulder surely hurts

The thirty-three thieves

The two-twenty-two train

Theophiles Thistle the successful thistle-sifter

Theophilus Thadeus Thistledown

There are two minutes difference

There once was a man who had a sister

There once was a two toed she toad tree toad

There those thousand thinkers were thinking

There was a fisherman named Fisher

There was a little witch which

There was a young fisher named Fischer - 1

There was a young fisher named Fischer - 2

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Tongue Twisters - 6

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